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Westmall Investments

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Hi management we live at 1005-24 eva road and we have a complaint about the person that lives at 24 eva road apartment 905. We hosted a thanksgiving party with my family last night October 13,2019 when we accidentaly drop a SPOON and the person that lives at the bottom started banging his ceiling again. 3-4 weeks ago, this guy started knocking on my door accusing us that there was water dripping from my balcony which it wasn"t even us and i called the Superintendent to talk to this guy. We called non-emergency hotline last night and they told us only the building management can do something about this unless he knocks on my door again then that"s when they will step in. Please do something about this because even my 5 year old daughter cant play in the living room because this guy always knocks on his ceiling if my daughter makes a single noise. To be honest this is a harassment whether it is 10 in the morning or 4 in the afternoon my daughter or none of us in the house cant make noise whatsoever. Also, the fact that this guy had the guts to knock on my door accusing us for something that we didnt even do.

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Phone number +14166268908
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,24 Eva Rd , , Etobicoke CA
City Etobicoke
Country CA
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Westmall Investments