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United Malwood Merchants Inc

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On October 5th my son took his car into Canadian Tire store 457 in Kanata to have an oil change and undercoating. We were told it would take several hours. After an hour they called trying to up sell us on a wheel alignment and some other services, this seems like a typical thing as I saw many others online say the exact same thing. We declined. Another hour or so later they called to say it was ready. My son went to pick it up and when he did he found a large portion of the clear coat on his hood was missing! He immediately brought it to their attention and they responded saying they could not have caused it. They took pictures and he came home. It just so happened that he had pictures of his own from an hour before it was brought into the shop which clearly show that there is no damage. We sent them the pictures. They asked us to take additional pictures of the car from the same spot at the same angle in the same light a few days after the incident. I refused and said we would take the car to them to take their own pictures. They did not want that but I insisted. It was taken back and reluctantly a of couple additional pictures were taken by them. They kept insisting that there was no evidence on their shop video to support that the damage was not already there or that anything they did caused it. They asked me to take the car to a paint shop that they were friendly with to have an "expert" evaluate whether they could have caused the damage. Of course the expert had excuses such as the hood had been painted before, news to us as we bought it second hand, and that the chemicals they use wouldn"t cause the damage. In the mean time I had launched a complaint with Canadian Tire Corporate and got zero ****istance there. The case manager just pushed me off to the store and said the store manager will deal with it. Now today, October 17, nearly 2 weeks later I called the store and was told that there is no conclusive proof that they caused the damage and that they are not responsible. I quote "the burden of proof is on you to prove that they caused the damage". I am writing this to warn everyone to beware of this shop, look online at other reviewers and you will find a trail of other incidents where damage was done and they take no responsibility. Take many good pictures of your car before taking it in so you will have proof even if they wont accept it. I will not be giving up on this, my campaign has just begun.

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Phone number +16135993515
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,8181 Campeau Dr , , Kanata CA
City Kanata
Country CA
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