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Shapes Fitness Centres, Head Office

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****o I called Tuesday and left a message. I had an outstanding account with you shapes fitness I paid it in full in november/2017. I was told you would contact Equifax and clear that with them as of Tuesday April 3/18 this has not been done. I would appreciate it if this can be completed asap. Also I would like a letter from you stating that the outstanding monieshas been paid in full. Thank you Gerald Dean Bordian 106-20 Guy Savour Dr. Wpg Mb R2J 3P1
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I am dissappointed with the recent renovations to Shapes on pembina.I am extremely surprised that there is no shelving in the Men"s shower stalls and we have to put our soap and shampoo on the floor.That"s dirty I"m sorry.All your competitors have shelves in the stalls.The sauna is not as hot as the old one and also does not have a thermostat like the previous one had.The equipment is crammed together etc. What do you require for cancellation of membership?We currently have the family plan.Membership # 575019

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Phone number +12049896680
Fax +12049897052
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,1579 Regent Ave W , , Winnipeg CA
City Winnipeg
Country CA
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