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M'akola Housing Society

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Very unprofessional and don"t recommend as employer. Was interviewed for one position (told I was top candidate) that was put on the back burner for a few months. Then I was offered a completely different position by the COO the second time (no mention of the first one), ignored for weeks after I replied, then asked if I would be interested in an entirely new position for the third time, which seemed more in line with the first one. I almost didn"t reply (as I was annoyed) but was intrigued to hear more. I was waiting for more information to be sent to me and got nothing - not even a reply after I emailed her, so I gave up. This is now almost 6 months after the first meeting with them and them dragging me through the mud, wasting my time - very unprofessional and flakey, however it"s obviously a blessing in disguise that I wasn"t offered anything. I should send them an invoice for my time they wasted!

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Phone number +12504741524
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,817 Goldstream Ave, British Columbia V9B 2X8, Victoria CA
City Victoria
Country CA
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