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Lions Village of Greater Edmonton Society

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Be Warned. The Board Does NOT Seem to Take Senior Safety Seriously. On November 11, while visiting her mother, my wife fell on the exposed roadway ice, slid under a parked car and hurt herself. We were told that one of the residents had broken her arm the week before. That same evening when raising this safety issue with the Board Chairman Blair Ching, I was advised that I should not have sent “your email to my personal email address the evening of a holiday weekend.” Requesting that the Board take some definitive action to protect anyone walking from the parking lot, I was later informed that the property’s “practice meets or exceeds current standards . . . Sanding of parking lots is not an area of purview for caretakers . . . At Castledowns, salt is available just inside the door for residents to use.” I was also informed that as a visitor (or resident) you should “adjust your actions according to conditions . . . wearing appropriate footwear, taking smaller steps and avoiding areas that may look problematic.” How very helpful! I guess I, and now you, have been duly WARNED!

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Phone number +17804474484
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,204 Haddow Close NW # 112, T6R 3B3, Edmonton CA
City Edmonton
Country CA
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