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Kosey Financial Services

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Got reffered to Kosey Financial Services from a friend... Service and professionalism is acutally pretty terrible. My first appointment was 1 hour late, because we thought we scheduled it the week after (that"s okay) but no apology was acknowledged? Following my taxes for my entire family... Everyone got their returns except my mom and I reached out to ask. Two weeks later to find that they left the branch and started their own thing... I think as a customer, a little heads up as to how to get in contact would have been nice. I tried to book a meeting and have them follow up with me. Mina wouldn"t call me and told me to call... But if business was important I think going above and beyond is pretty important. Just got off the phone, please don"t do your taxes here. It"s really not worth the anger and game of broken telephone.

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Phone number +19058473429
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,Wyecroft , , Oakville CA
City Oakville
Country CA
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