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I took my PS3 there in june, and he ****ed up the work then faked results not once but twice. Failed to repair the overheating problem both times and tried to cover it up both times with electronics refrigerant (routinely called freeze spray). I"d arranged to go back a third time with an email and phone call in the week before the appointment but he never showed nor answered his phone in the 3 hours he left me sitting in the hall during his own business hours. He did however have plenty of time to hurl abuse at me online whilst hiding behind a keyboard. But he isn"t a man enough to do his job he was paid for in advance or to say in person the bald face lies he"s told about me online. Shehroz Kaiser aka and leet-mods isn"t just a conman but an unrepentant slime.

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,Unit 900-4 165 Dundas St West, L5B2N6, Mississauga CA
City Mississauga
Country CA
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VCARD QR Fasttech

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