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Eco Star Home Services (致遠冷暖) Eco Star Home Services (致遠冷暖)

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I had purchased 3 air conditioners and couple of water heaters from a renowned brand a year ago. I was pretty satisfied with my purchase decision as I didn’t have to loosen my pocket due to low down payment and affordable monthly installments. The installation also went well. However, I was in for a rude shock 6 months post purchase. The monthly budgets kept shooting by 10s of dollars each month as my electricity bills had shot up by up to 50 percent within no time. I had to constantly dial in to customer service with little to no response. This left me frustrated and financially burdened. This is when my neighbor informed me about their good experience with Eco Star Home Services. I went to their website and got a quote for myself. Immediately after getting the quotes, I requested their consultants for home visit, explained my sufferings and within few days, I had my home setup replaced by Eco Star ACs and Water Heaters. Since then it’s been a smooth sailing and I do not get rude shocks on my power bill. This has brought me mental peace and my monthly budget is now streamlined. I strongly recommend Eco Star heating and cooling solutions for big savings on utility bills.
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我與致遠冷暖的關係可以追溯到2010年,當時我剛搬到了多倫多,機緣巧合下我找到了致遠冷暖,因為它提供多種付款方案,包括低首付,低月租付款,使用後付款等。 此外,他們還提供節能空調,爐子和熱水器,親民價格及多年保修, 確保了我的費用沒有超出預算。 因為簽了保修合同,所以我家的冷暖氣機一旦遇到問題,致遠冷暖的專業團隊都能及時維修處理。本著對致遠冷暖高質的產品和服務,今天我毫不猶豫地將它推薦給我的同事。

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Phone number (416) 321-8666
Fax (416) 321-8689
Postal Code M2H 3B
M2H 3B,556 Gordon Baker Rd , North York, North york CA
City North york
Country CA
Contact Jadden Xue
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Eco Star Home Services Co. is a leading HVAC home comfort company serving in GTA area more than 15 years. In the past 15 years we have served more than 200,000 clients; where we did maintenance, repair as well as replacement of heating, cooling and ventilation systems. We are one of the fastest growing companies in the HVAC world.

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