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Cristal 2000 Auto Inc.

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The short version of the story is we bought an BMW X3 from them in early December 2016. They claimed over and over and it was written on the contract, we had 36 days to get anything corrected if it was not right. The truth is, once you are out the door, you are SOL completely out of luck. We took it to our mechanic and there was a laundry of serious issues with the car. Tony Ibrahimi of Cristal 2000 said no problem, bring it in and we will fix it. We pick up the car a week later, take it to our mechanic and Cristal 2000 did NOTHING!!!!!! We have major electrical problems, transmission oil pan is rusted out, valves are leaking and several other issues. They said – we aren’t fixing it.

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Phone number +1772508610
Postal Code -
,125 Ashwarren Rd. , , Toronto CA
City Toronto
Country CA
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Cristal 2000 Auto Inc.