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Clover Leaf Seafoods

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Sept 12th at 10pm Hi to whom it may concern, I was preparing my dinner and took out your product which I bought at Walmart. It"s a canned Clover Leaf Tuna, Dill and Lemon flavored. I opened the can and when I looked inside there was this big light green kinda string looking thing sticking out of the can. I pulled it out and it was a piece of a rubber band that seemed to be cut out. I took a video of it and also didn"t throw the evidence just incase it needs to be further investigated. I am shocked and I hope the company does something about this. I didn"t post the video because it may cause a stir but I hope you guys deal with this as soon as possible as to how it got there. I"m not asking for a refund or another can of tuna, just make sure your products are safe to eat. Kelvin

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Phone number +18778939880
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,80 Tiverton Court, Ste 600, Markham, L3R 0G4, Ontario , Ontario CA
City Ontario
Country CA
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