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Chocolaterie Mathilde Fays

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Phone number 514 622-9411
Postal Code J0N 1E
J0N 1E,47 rue Notre-Dame, OKA , Québec CA
City OKA Québec
Country CA
Number of Employees
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Chocolaterie Mathilde Fays was created in 2011 in Oka and now offers its creations in more than 60 points of sale in Quebec. Strawberry-basil, curry, shiitake and gin radoune, tonka ... An exceptional collection of 27 fine chocolates with unique and surprising flavors as well as chocolates become great classics are made every day at the workshop-shop open to the public. Come enjoy the coffee corner, a wide choice of chocolates, pastries and confectionery at Chocolaterie Mathilde Fays. Visit the website or one of the many points of sale to discover the creations of Mathilde and join the 7000 fans of the Chocolaterie on Facebook and Instagram!

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